Server Video Surveillance System :

Customer is a German chemical and consumer goods company headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany. It is a multinational company active both in the consumer and industrial sector.

Henkel India operates in two key business areas i.e. Adhesive Technology, Beauty Care and headquartered in Mumbai.

Bussiness Objective :

To comply with Henkel Global Corporate Security Policy, Henkel India was looking for an automated Intrusive Detection System for 11 server rooms located in different cities of India. Challenges were-

  • Existing investment in Siloed Video Surveillance system and security team
  • Long response time if an incident occurs
  • Data compliance to access data from authorized asset and/or local environment of Henkel
DYM Solution :

DYM as IoT partner of Henkel India, had been posed with this challenge. DYM approach was as follows—

  • Visited Server site, existing infrastructure and collated the list of features required in TO-BE IDS
  • Evaluated IDS vendors based on features list, cost and open source compliance for seamless integration with DYM IoT Gateway
  • Saviour has been selected and IDS solution, devices were integrated with IoT gateway
  • Integrated solution was demoed to concern stakeholders
  • Successful Pilot was executed in NCR based Server room
  • AKG Electricals implemented approved solutions in other 10 server locations
Benefits :
  • Compliant with Henkel Global Corporate Security Policy within timelines
  • No intervention is required to detect intrusions and quick response to any incident
  • Reduction in costly non-working hours security shift