DYM IoT Marketplace - How it works

DYM IoT Platform

Device Management (M2M)

OMA LWM2M based Device Management Service which provides remote configuration and open data communication standard for sensors. DYM IoT Platform supports ONVIP Camera in same using custom protocol.

Edge IoT Gateway

Edge IoT Gateway is a Software Stack which enables IoT Hardware Gateway to connects physically and get data from different sensors and cameras through LAN, Wifi, RS232, Usb, Bluetooth and LoRA. Software stack supports Linux based boxes like Intel Edison, Beaglebone and Raspberry Pi.

Edge Analytics

Edge Analytics is very powerful feature of DYM IoT Edge Gateway which provides control mechanism of the device at field side like control actuator or cut-off switch based on some events or sensors values. It also provides Edge Image Analytics which used in "process control and automation".

Camera and Sensor Support

DYM IoT Platform supports IP Cameras, digital and analog sensors like temperature, level, humidity etc., any new sensors can be easily plug-in using SDK APIs and install via OTA (Over The Air). It's converts sensor data into standard LWM2M protocol formats.

Messaging Services

DYM IoT Platform supports MQTT and CoAP based Secure (TLS/DTLS) Messaging Service protocols so multiple clients can subscribes in data message topics and read the sensors data. Messaging services delivers the data in form of message from sensors device to applications (Web/Mobile).

A.I and Visualization

AI & Visualization micro services enables user to perform predictive kind of analytics and also different charts, graphs and map services to visualize in GUI in meaningful manner.


Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much -- Helen Keller

In acknowledgment of ever changing connected world, Labs emphasized on building robust ecosystem. Our philosophy of Ecosystem revolves around three key elements


We follow Open Source and Industry aligned standards to remain agnostic to hardware. This gives us required flexibility, adaptability and acceptance in multiple industrial and non-industrial environment. DYM IoT Platform is reflection of this collaborative approach. It provides IoT SDK for the SMEs and Community like Universities to develop their solution quickly.


IoT value chain is a combined play of Modules, Objects, Connectivity, System Integration, Service Provider, Platform. Our partnership spreads across the value chain and enablement e.g. Sensors, Surveillance devices, Modules, web design, mobile app, resourcing, etc.


To attain maximum impact from numerous minimum viability programs with our customers, we bring our strong ecosystem to customer and take the relationship to a strategic level. We are seeing significant impact with this collaborative approach. DYM IoT Market Place on boarded many customers from Industrial (Chemicals), Cold Chain & Track and Trace industries with many business users.


  • IoT Standard & Compliances
  • OSS Based and Open Protocols
  • Interoperable and secure





Partner/ Customer

  • End-to-end implementation capability
  • Test bed for Marketplace
  • POC for Investments

AKG Electricals

Success Stories

Linegurad IoT & Analytics

Real-time data visualization and analytics of Henkel Lineguards PLCs.

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Pump Efficiency

Pump efficiency monitoring solution for Internal Coating in Industrial Pumps and trigger real time alerts

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Video Analytics

Surveillance for Server rooms with Instruction Detection system.

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About Us:

  • Inspire: DYM Labs has not only been close observant of technology in general and IoT in specific but also Inspired from democratizing the technology for easy availability, accessibility and affordability.
  • Ideate: This constant inspiration has led us to Ideation of our IoT Platform and encouraged our first set of Industrial customers taking a big leap with us.
  • Implement: Results are unprecedented and laid a solid foundation for us to built a larger ecosystem. With the strong footing in IoT platform, DYM Labs is now striving towards Implementing an IoT Marketplace which will have modular IoT services for every player in IoT Value Chain- to quickly turnaround pilots, to scale to n number of end points and simplifying data visibility to take corrective course of actions.