DYM IoT MarketPlace - How it works

DYM IoT Platform

Device Management (M2M)

OMA LWM2M based Device Management service to provide remote configuration and open data communication standard for sensors

Edge IoT Gateway

Edge IoT Gateway is a software stack which enables IoT hardware gateway to connect physically and get data from diffenet sensors and cameras through LAN, Wifi, RS232, USB, Bluetooth and LoRA

Edge Analytics

Edge Analytics is very powerful feature of DYM IoT Edge Gateway which provides control mechanism of the device e.g. control actuator or cut-off switch based on rules, events or sensors values

Camera and Sensor Support

Plug-n-play support of analog/digital sensors and IP cameras using SDK APIs and over-the-air (OTA) feature on popular gateways i.e. Raspberry Pi, Kunbus, Moxa, etc.

Messaging Services

Platform aids pub-sub based secure MQTT messaging service protocol to deliver data payloads & control packets between application & IoT edge gateways

AI and Visualization

AI based analytics and visualization microservices to use pre-defined dashboards and showcase the business KPIs in user-friendly manner


Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much -- Helen Keller


DYM IoT platform build on open source using industry aligned standards agnostic to hardware


Partnership across OEM, vendors, sensor distributors, connectivity service providers, system integrators, IoT platform providers, etc.


Trusted partner for our customers from minimum viable product to full scale IoT services


IOT standard & compliances

OSS based and open protocols

Interoperable and secure





Partner/ Customer

End-to-end implementation

Test bed for marketplace

Pilot fast scale fast

AKG Electricals

Success Stories

Industrial pump efficiency & monitoring

Predicting protective coating thickness to improve the efficiency of industrial pumps and to increase the productive hours

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Server video surveillance system

Integrated video surveillance system to monitor server rooms and automated intrusive detection system

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Automobiles paint shop process automation

Digital transformation journey of a leading chemical and consumer goods company from “MVP” to “Enterprise-wide IoT”

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About Us

  • Inspire :
    Inspired from democratizing the technology for easy availability, accessibility and affordability
  • Ideate :
    Constant inspiration has led us to Ideation of our IoT Platform and encouraged our first set of Industrial customers taking a big leap with us
  • Implement :
    With the strong footing in IoT platform, DYM Labs is now striving towards Implementing an IoT Marketplace which will have modular IoT services for every player in IoT Value Chain