Challenges with prevalent Gas Gensets Monitoring

Maintenance upkeep
Continuity of power
Fuel pilferage
Optimized MRO activities

Gas Gensets Monitoring

Monitors fuel level, electrical parameters and supports remote Time-of-Day based DG ON /OFF operations. Users gets notified in real time on alerts via SMS/ email notification for fault detection, low-levels, fuel theft and defined value deviations.

Solution KPIs:
  • Asset condition based monitoring
  • Gas consumption
  • Performance and run hours data
  • Estimated CO2 emission

You achieve these benefits

Fuel monitoring and pilferage control
Improved equipment reliability
Access to generator status remotely
Reduce onsite visits

Customer Testimonials

Leading Adhesive manufacturer
"We want to enhance the customer experience with introducing Digital Log Book at cost effective prices as part of services led business expansion."
Adhesive manufacturer

IT Management

International Airport
"Thank you for providing web interface and gateway to demonstrate lighting control in record time"
International Airport

General Manager, Electrical

Marquee Commercial Real Estate Developer
"A great partnership with clear communication to deliver large scale optimization project of our power generation system"
Commercial Real Estate Developer

Project Director

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