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Diesel Monitoring solution

Real-Time Monitoring: Our IoT solution empowers you with instant access to critical data, such as generator status, fuel levels, engine health, and power output, all accessible through an intuitive user interface.

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Smart Pump & Flow Monitoring

Optimize industrial efficiency with our IoT-based flow meter and pump monitoring solution, delivering real-time insights, ensuring precision, and enhancing remote operational reliability.

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Gas Gensets Monitoring

Monitors fuel level, electrical parameters and supports remote Time-of-Day based DG ON /OFF operations. Users gets notified in real time on alerts via SMS/ email notification for fault detection, low-levels, fuel theft and defined value deviations.

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Cold Storage Warehouse

Ensure that everything is ideal throughout your cold storage so that your staff can concentrate less on monitoring and more on important items. Our Cold Storage Monitoring solution will send you an alert whenever sensors identify substantial temperature, humidity, power swings and many KPIs with real-time monitoring of numerous points. 

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Stamping & Pressing Monitoring

Our monitoring solution for Stamping & Pressing helps you protect the machine and tool from overloads, detect process disturbances such as feed failures, rising slugs, punch or die breakage and support the operator in quicker machine set-up.It is an effective method to gain insight into the forming process and its stability, to detect production faults and quality deviations and, if necessary, to intervene in the machine to control it.

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Cold Storage Logistics

With guaranteed freshness and palatability, our cold chain monitoring solution is a logistics and supply chain management technology that aids in tracking perishable goods, edibles, and food items. In order to offer a comprehensive solution across the fleet cycle, it efficiently uses predictive, descriptive, and real-time analytics combined with near real-time telemetry.

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Light Control System

Efficiently control the several airfield lighting systems, such as the runway, approach, taxiway, stop bars, and apron. It is possible to turn on and off the lights singly or in groups. Specific lights can have their intensity adjusted at predetermined times.

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Elevate workplace safety and environmental compliance with our cutting-edge IoT solution, delivering real-time insights and proactive risk mitigation for your organization's EHS needs.

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Smart Building

Experience the future of architecture with our seamless integration of IoT technology, empowering Smart Buildings to adapt, learn, and create sustainable environments for a smarter tomorrow.

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Digital Log Book

Cloud-based log-keeping tool that converts any type of paper logbook into a digital one. It facilitates data gathering and approval through a user-friendly interface on the shop floor; it gives real-time visibility and access to logs; and aids in the creation of audit-ready and secure logs.

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Process Capability

Measure performance of your processes e.g. Cp Cpk, OEE, downtime

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ESG Monitoring

Sustainability solution to help reduce your energy consumption, carbon footprint by achieving net-zero goals, comply with regulatory standards, optimize GHG potential, analyze the energy cost and potential savings. A cloud independent solution which captures data from all different sources within the enterprise.

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Leading Adhesive manufacturer
"We want to enhance the customer experience with introducing Digital Log Book at cost effective prices as part of services led business expansion."
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Public ltd. Agrochemical company
"Phase wise approach of digitalizing the reactor as our first IoT project was commendable"
Agrochemical company

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International Airport
"Thank you for providing web interface and gateway to demonstrate lighting control in record time"
International Airport

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