Manufacturing operations is one of the largest and most accessible areas of opportunity in the agrochemical sector, and this applies to all segments of the industry, from insecticides to pesticides. As a result, our customer began its digital adventure with the deployment of first Industry 4.0 project, the "Smart Reactor," at NCR based chemical manufacturing facility.

Business Objective

The project's goal is to use digitalization in process automation and data analytics to:

  • Increase overall plant productivity.
  • Increase transparency through online data visibility.
  • Improve quality of both in-process and finished goods.


DYM Solution
  • Operational excellence through process automation and digitization of business processes.
  • Digital Supply Chain, which impacts on end-market demand patterns, as well as the value chains.
  • Digital developments focusing on new research and IP creation, which lead to improvements in business models, allowing   for a better customer experience. ​
Benefits and KPIs
  • Predictive manitenance of reactor
  • Real-time reactor monitoring
  • Automated closed loop feedback
  • Health & safety
  • KPIs measured : Reactor temperature; Reactor pressure; Humidity; Run hours​​

Customer Testimonials

Leading Adhesive manufacturer
"We want to enhance the customer experience with introducing Digital Log Book at cost effective prices as part of services led business expansion."
Adhesive manufacturer

IT Management

Public ltd. Agrochemical company
"Phase wise approach of digitalizing the reactor as our first IoT project was commendable"
Agrochemical company

Plant Head

International Airport
"Thank you for providing web interface and gateway to demonstrate lighting control in record time"
International Airport

General Manager, Electrical

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